Greenville Follies 2013

is a delectable expression! It’s a stylish musical comedy variety show that is
over-the-top and full of fun, fashionable and unexpected surprises.

Friday, April 24 and Saturday April 25, 2015
8:00 p.m. Municipal Auditorium


2013 Follies castGreenville Follies is a musical revue that raises funds for community projects. The cast and crew are composed entirely of local residents. Follies is glitzy, fast paced entertainment where local talent gets star billing in comedy and production numbers that rival professional stage shows. The Follies fund-raiser started in 1987 and is held every 2 years There have been a total of 17 shows raising $633,910 for local non-profit organizations.

The 2015 Follies proceeds will benefit Community Seeds – we will be funding an Incubator Kitchen that will be housed in Lone Oak, Texas.

Follies history.

Folly On!

Your 2015 Generals:
  Kim Quimby, Dianne Weaks and Julia Wensel

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The Follie Grams are a GREAT way to acknowledge the cast and crew.
Remember every Follie Gram sold is straight cash to the Community Seeds.
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